About Me

I am the CEO of Yotta Advanced Computing, a high-tech SME from Rijeka, Croatia, working in the areas of High Performance Computing, Cloud solutions, Data Science, AI and other connected fields. Before that, I worked as a Research Engineer at Arctur, a Slovenian high-tech SME active in a couple of fields, but was also mosty focused on HPC related projects.

I studied Informatics at the Department of Informatics, University of Rijeka. For a semester I was abroad via the Eramus+ programme at the Faculty of Computer Sciece, TU Dresden where I was learning about high performance computers and parallel programming from some of the best professors. I used to work as a Student Teaching Assistant at CNPSLab where I was tutoring courses like Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, and Parallel Programming on Heterogenus Systems with CUDA.

I worked at EPCC in Edinburgh on a project called Weather forecasting for outreach on Wee Archie supercomputer. A funny bio of me can be found at the PRACE Summer of HPC website.

My interests lie in distributed systems, cloud and high performance computing.

I like open source software and the ideas behind it. Of course, I use it as my daily driver for fun, work and learning. My favourite linux distro is Fedora. Apart from software freedom I also support document freedom and open standards.

Finally, welcome to my personal portfolio where, apart from info about me, I'll be hosting some of my thoughts and projects mainly related to computer science and programming. Take a look around and do contact me if you have any questions or proposals.

Some things I did, some things I do

I participated in the interdisciplinary research at BioSFlab at University of Rijeka Department of Biotechnology as a Student Research Assistant. The research I did resulted in two published papers:

I also lead a student project titled Superračunalo Malina (funded by Studentski zbor) where we assebled a little "supercomputer" out of several Raspberry Pis.

Places to talk to me

I speak English, German and Croatian. Currently I am all around Slovenia and Croatia.

My personal email is tsubic protonmail ch

If you don't like mailing, you can contact me via social networks (links are on the left).