About Me

(A funny bio of me can be found at the PRACE Summer of HPC website.)

Currently I am doing HPC stuff wherever I get the chance.

I worked at EPCC in Edinburgh on a project called Weather forecasting for outreach on Wee Archie supercomputer.

I studied Informatics at the Department of Informatics, University of Rijeka. For a semester I was abroad via the Eramus+ programme at the Faculty of Computer Sciece, TU Dresden where I was learning about high performance computers and parallel programming from some of the best professors. I participated in the BioSFlab at our Uni as a Student Research Assistant. Also, I used to work as a Student Teaching Assistant in the CNPSLab where I was tutoring courses like Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, and Parallel Programming on Heterogenus Systems with CUDA. The research I did resulted in two published papers:

I also lead a project titled Superračunalo Malina where we assebled a little "supercomputer" out of several Raspberry Pis.

My interests lie in distributed systems, GPGPU, cloud and high performance computing . Although I consider myself a beginner in those fields, I am willing to learn and to expand my knowlegde with every possibility I get.

I like open source software and the ideas behind it. Of course, I use it as my daily driver for fun, work and learning. My favourite linux distro is Fedora. Apart from software freedom I also support document freedom and open standards; some of the tools I use are LibreOffice, Markdown and LaTeX.

Some things I do

When I make something meaningful I'll put it up here.

Places to talk to me

I speak English, German and Croatian. Currently I am all around Slovenia and Croatia, but I actually live on the island of Rab in Croatia. I'm not shy so feel free to contact me about anything! :)

My personal email is tomislav.subic@gmail.com

If you don't like mailing, you can contact me via social networks (links are on the left).